Drivers Meeting is Saturday March 3rd

  • 9am - Pro, Sportsman and Trophy
  • 10:30 - Motorcycles and Jr Dragsters
  • 1:00pm - Super Pro

With our 10th season dates tentatively set we can move forward with additional planning for DER Rd#10. It was not an easy decision to move forward with Rd#10 as we lost 4 weekends of racing or a possible 8 races. But it is our belief as it was in 2009 that the support from you the racer,fans and our sponsors that we can make this work for all of us.

Since our race dates are spread out over the season there will be additional times that we may have to moved our trailers, motor-homes etc. We are presently compiling an outline of when we will have to completely clear the property and when might be able just to move things to the second tier of the spectator side of the track. We will have to comply with these request as there will be other events needing the facility.

We hope to get all parking invoices out by the end of the month...Please return these to us as quickly as possible... 

We will schedule our drivers meeting for sometime the beginning of March... We will let everyone know that date...