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Here we will try to answer some questions ahead of you racing with DER

  • Do I have to be a member of NHRA to race with DER? 

    • Quick answer is NO …. But if you are planning to attend the Eastern Conference Finals or the Bracket Finals you will​ have to become a member

  • Do I have to be a member of DER to race?

    • Again NO …But as we said above you will need to join our points to participate in ECF or the Bracket Finals​

  • Timing system - DER uses Compulink with TruStart.

  • Do you run 1/8 or 1/4 mile?

    • All classes run 1/8 mile except Sportsman and Trophy they are both 1/4 mile classes​

  • Are we allowed to stay overnight on property?

    • Yes, but we ask that you stay within your pit area 1 hour after the conclusion of the race​

  • Will the shower house be available?

    • Yes, hot showers are available ​

  • Do you have reserve parking?

    • Yes, racers can reserve their parking area for a yearly fee.. This fee is for the space only and does not include admission to the race​

  • Do you have live timing?

    • DER subscribes to 1320go in order for you to have access to your data. 1320go is a subscription base service available to all racers

  • Do you use a ladder in eliminations?

    • We will pair racers after the 2nd round once the class has 8 or less left​

    • Motorcycles are paired after the 2nd rd.

    • Ladder is redone after each round and is based on reaction time

  • What type of fuel do you sell?​​​

    • Sunoco is available in 110 and 112 … we also sell methanol ​

  • Where is tech located?

    • Tech is located down by our fuel pumps which are near the 1/4 mile ​

    • We refer to the NHRA rulebook for your safety

  • How many Jr Dragster classes to you run?

    • ​We run 3 classes for our Jr racers . 6-9 yr old's, 10-12 yr old's and 13-17 yr old's​​

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