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Below is a summary of rules for DER Bracket Racing.  
Please keep in mind that DER will follow NHRA rules especially when it comes to your safety 

Disclaimer: The regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for an orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. This document serves as a supplement to the rules established in the official 2019 NHRA Rulebook. The combination of the NHRA rulebook and the DER Racing Series rules shall govern all events managed by DER Racing Series, LLC. By participating in these events, the participant is required to comply with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFTEY SHALL RESULT FROM THE PUBLICATION OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND /OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for conduct of the sport and do not guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. 

General Statement 

Vehicle participating in drag racing events must be presentable and properly prepared prior to competition. Tech officials may reject vehicles that are improperly prepared at any time during the event. 

Any driver, crewmen or person associated with a driver who is considered to be under the influence of any drug, alcohol or any judgment-impairing substance will be expelled from the race and escorted off the premises. The entire crew and vehicle also will be expelled. Bringing alcoholic beverages of any kind into the facility is strictly prohibited. 

The speed limit in the pit area is 10 mph. No Burnouts are allowed on the return road or in the pit areas. Violators endangering others with reckless and inconsiderate driving habits (whether it is in or on a race car or pit vehicle) will be expelled immediately from the facility with the entire crew. 

Upon entering the facility, racer and crew members agree to abide by all rules – and that interpretations of rules are left up to the race director, or management, who has final say in all matters, questions and protests. 

Participants and associates of participants at races and events are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner. Any participant and /or associates of participants who, in the sole and absolute judgment of officials’ 1) verbally or physically threatens another participant or any other person, 2) uses vulgar or derogatory language, 3) engages in unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to the sport of racing, or 4) otherwise creates a condition or circumstance which is unsafe, unfair, or out of order, shall have violated the rules and regulations, and therefore could/would be disqualified. 

DER Racing Series operates under the rules and guidelines established by the National Hot Rod Association and the 2019 NHRA rulebook. It is highly recommended that all participants have an updated copy of the rulebook and follow the guidelines established by NHRA. The NHRA rulebook shall govern the decisions of the DER Racing Series at Bristol Dragway. 

DER reserves the right to make changes to its rules and/or racing program.  



General Regulations 


  • Bristol Dragway operates under a 1-am curfew as set forth by the city of Bristol  

Auxiliary Pit Vehicles: 

  • Anyone operating an auxiliary pit vehicle must have a driver’s license. 

  • Auxiliary pit vehicles can be impounded for improper use. Impounded vehicles will be returned to the rightful owner upon the completion of the race event. 


  • Anytime a race vehicle is started anywhere in the facility, a qualified and competent driver must be seated behind the wheel. 

  • No work may be done under any vehicle supported by a floor jack. Additional safety devices such as jack stands are mandatory to provide extra protection. 


  • Shorts (bare legs) and tank tops (bare torso) are prohibited in any class. 

Compulink Timing System: 

  • The Compulink AutoStart Program will be utilized at all DER racing Series events. The system will be programmed with a total timeout of 10 seconds. We do not use AutoStart in Jr Dragster Div 1 

  • The Compulink CrossTalk program will be utilized in the Super Pro Eliminator only 

  • DER uses “Tru-Start” in all classes 

Replacement Vehicle: 

  • If the competitor’s race vehicle breaks during time trials, a replacement vehicle that fits within the eliminator may be used.  

  • Replacement vehicles must first pass a technical inspection and the tech card for the event must be updated to reflect the vehicle. 

  • Once eliminations are started, replacement vehicles are not permitted 


  • Anyone racing or allowed past the spectator fence area must sign a waiver. This waiver is on the back of your Tech Card or in the tower. This includes your crew members 


  • Prior to Time Trials 100% rain-check 

  • The following is what you will be given credit toward your next race 

  • 1 round of time trials completed (in your class) - $10 per car 

  • 2 rounds time trials completed (in your class) - $20 per car 

  • 1 complete round of eliminations completed - $30 per car 

  • 2 or more complete rounds completed - Split payout 

  • Spectator /Crew – will receive 50% back if we cancel prior to start of eliminations; once the first pair race there will be no refunds… 

  • All rain-checks or credits must be used within the race season 

  • We will consider the race complete if we complete two rounds of your Class 

  • Finished race is when we have a Winner/ Runner-up 



  • A driver with the same vehicle cannot race in 2 separate classes 

  • A vehicle can race in 2 separate classes with different drivers 

  • A driver cannot compete in Trophy and another class. 

  • Once a driver wins the Trophy Championship, they most move into another class 

  • You cannot double enter your car in the same class with the same driver 

  • One vehicle may have 2 drivers in the same class 

  • One Driver may have 2 vehicles in the same class 

  • No class may have a passenger in the vehicle with them 



  • In case of breakage during time trails, DER will credit you the following about

    • $10 per time trail made

    • Example: Super Pro entry would receive $55 toward their next DER race


Tech and Safety Inspection Reporting: 

  • Prior to making any runs down the track, all competitors and their vehicles must successfully pass a technical and safety inspection. 

  • All participants must report to tech each day unless purchasing a multi-day tech card. If you have purchased a multi –day tech card you only have to complete the tech procedure once. 


Tech Registration Cards: 

  • Tech registration cards must be filled out completely by each participant before entering the tech area. NOTE: Only one entry per tech card. 

  • If any of your crew plans on being around the starting line area they MUST sign the waiver on the back of your tech card 

  • Once a participant has successfully completed the technical/safety inspection and has signed the waiver and release form, the tech official will place a run decal on your vehicle allowing you to participate in the event. 


On Track Safety 

  • The removal of any safety equipment prior to exiting the racing surface is strictly prohibited. Any driver caught in violation will be issued one warning. The next infraction will result in disqualification from the event and points will be forfeited. 


Public Address System 

  • Along with the track PA system, we broadcast on a FM transmitter. The frequency is: 100.9 

  • We strongly recommend you tune your radio to 100.9 as soon as you enter the facility to stay on top of what is going on. 



  • In an effort to keep the program moving at a steady pace, racers should adhere to the directions issued by staff members working the area and confine stationary burnouts to approximately 5 seconds. 

  • Burnouts are prohibited across the starting line in every eliminator except Super Pro, which may cross the starting line, but not under power 



Time Trial Sessions: 

  • DER Racing will make every effort to conduct two sessions of time trials on Saturday prior to eliminations. However, this does not guarantee a competitor two runs. 

  • Sunday we will have one-time trial only, weather permitting 

  • You will be called to the lanes by eliminator. 

  • Remember, you MUST have a run sticker on your vehicle before coming to the lanes. 

  • There will be no single passes during time trials or run for the money until the last car. 

Thunder Bucks: 

  • On Saturday we will run Thunder Bucks during the 2nd round of time trials. 

  • No single passes during Thunder Bucks 

  • Entry into Thunder Bucks is optional. Non-Thunder Bucks participants will be called to the lanes first for all classes. 

  • Entry into Thunder Bucks is $10 payable as you pull into the lanes. 

  • Winner (green light) that runs closest to their dial-in will win 50% of money collected for their eliminator and will receive the first available bye run in their eliminator. 

  • In case of a tie… the racer with the best package will win. 


  • If a competitors’ vehicle breaks prior to taking the tree they will have till the end of that time trial class session to make a pass. 

  • If a competitor’s vehicle breaks after taking the tree, it shall be counted as a run and the competitor will not be permitted any more attempts in that session 

Time Trials after Eliminations have started: 

  • It has been decided that anyone wishing to have a time trial after we start eliminations must wait till after the 4th Rd of eliminations. The maximum time trials will be 2 and must be approved by the race director. 

Eliminations Payout 

  • Payouts are in the Conference Room of the tower 

  • Payout ends 30 minutes after the last pair

Run Order 

  • Pro, Super Pro, Motorcycle, Sportsman, Jr Dragsters, Trophy 

Start of Eliminations 

  • Double entries will be called to the lanes first. 

  • Balance will be called immediately following 

  • We will start eliminations with lanes 1 & 2 and then move across the lanes 

  • DER reserves the right to pull one car from another lane during eliminations or pull one car out of the way before the round starts  


Double Entries 

  • You will be allowed 7 minutes to return to the lane 




Super Pro 

  • Dragsters will run dragsters and door cars will run door cars for the first 3 rounds. 

  • Once we feel that either dragsters or door cars have had enough time to report to the lanes, we will call the remainder of the class.  

  • We will start with door cars on both days 

  • Super Pro must run 7.99 or quicker 


Bye Runs 
Bye runs are to the racer with the best reaction time from the previous round. If there is a tie, then the racer with the best package will receive the potential by.  If you are the potential bye and have to run someone you have lane choice.


  • 1st rd bye is earned during Thunder Bucks (Dash). Closest to the dial in with a positive (green) light.

    • This bye will carry over until used or lost.

  • Subsequent bye runs

  • All other byes to NOT carry over

  • Each round a new bye can be earned… If you don’t use it, you can earn a second bye etc…

  • If you have used your bye you can earn a second bye, if all other remaining have also USED a bye.

Lane Choice 

  • Racers may select the right or left by pulling into the appropriate lane. 

  • Odd number staging lanes will be pulled into the left lane 

  • Even number staging lanes will be pulled into the right lane 

  • Once committed to a staging lane, this is passing the white line in the back of the lanes; there will be no changing of lanes for any reason during eliminations. 

  • During eliminations, when an eliminator reaches a point where all remaining competitors are in the same lane, the official will flip a coin with heads given to the first car and tails the second. Winner choses lane 

  • If a competitor is eligible for a bye run and ends up being paired because of an even number of entries, the driver eligible for the bye will get lane choice. 


  • DER highly suggest dial-in boards for all classes 

  • All competitors’ numbers and dial-ins must be on the left side of the vehicle. Competition numbers are to be a minimum of 3 inches in height. Dial-ins must be written legible and at least 4 inches in height 

  • Dial-ins must be placed on the vehicle by the time you reach the yellow line in front of staging. Dial-ins cannot be changed after this point. 

  • In the event of a pause in racing for more than 20 minutes due to track clean-up or weather, racers after the yellow line may change their dial-in as long as they do it through an official and inform their competitor. 

  • It is the responsibility of the driver to check his/her dial-in on the dial-in boards and scoreboards before staging their vehicle. There will be no re-runs due to incorrect dial-ins. 






  • DER suggests the use of diapers on all cars and dragsters. This will help not only in preventing timely oil downs but at the same time keeps the track clean and safe. We will award drivers in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and trophy a $50 bonus if they have a diaper and make it to the final round. Please make sure the tech official marks your tech card that you have a diaper. Your tech card MUST be marked that you have a diaper 


  • This will start at 8 cars or less in your class. We will use the NHRA Sportsman ladder which is 1vs5, 2vs6 etc. If there are only 8 entries to start eliminations, then we will start your ladder in the 3rd round. We will redo the ladder each round, you will be paired based on your reaction time from the previous round.


Deep Staging: 

  • Deep staging is completely at your own risk. You should be fully deep-staged before your competitor is fully staged. You MUST write deep on the windshield and both sides of your vehicle. You or your crew must alert the water box that you intend to deep stage, so they can notify the starter. Please keep in mind that there are many factors and distractions that can cause a “DEEP” to be easily overlooked. Deep stages are not guarantee at any event. The driver accepts all responsibility for problems resulting from deep staging. 



  • During eliminations, when cars are officially paired for competition and one competitor fails to start or encounters a problem, both competitors will be pulled to the side and the broken competitor will have until the end of the round or 2 minutes, whichever is longer, to make their repairs. If they are unable to make the repairs, the opposing competitor will receive a bye. This policy is NOT in effect if the competitors are in the water-box. If an entry fails to start in the water box, they will have 30 seconds to start their vehicle. If it fails to do so, the broken entry’s opponent receives a bye run. 


Gold Cards: 

  • DER awards their Champions for the previous season a “Gold Card”. Some regulations regarding Gold Card: 

  • Non-Transferable 

  • They are good for your entry, buybacks and a free pit spot if you want one 

  • They are valued at the price of the class you won them in 

  • Jr Dragsters Div 3 Champions – you can use yours for whatever class you move into if no longer running Jr Dragster 

  • Trophy Champions – You can use yours for whatever class you move into.  

  • If anyone races more than one class, the value will be the lesser amount  


DER ask that you abide by the rules of Bristol Dragway. DER and NHRA… Some DER rules may differ from NHRA in regard to class structures, but DER will follow NHRA’s safety regulations. 

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