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DER Updates as of 2/27/2022

  • 1 driver may enter 2 different class with the same entry – Super Pro - Pro or Pro – Sportsman – We will review this change at the end of the season

  • Trophy class entry cannot run in another class – exception being Jr Dragster driver run Trophy with a state driver’s license, or a Bike entry driver may run Trophy

  • Pro will remain a Footbrake class

  • Start time on Saturday will be 9am

  • Run order – Jr Dragsters – Pro – Super Pro – Bikes – Sportsman – Trophy

  • Time trials on Saturday - 2 will be given – 2nd time trial driver has a choice on Non-Dash or Dash. Naturally this is depending on weather, participated car count, down time etc. Dash is where we collect $10 in the lanes, and we split it with you ever is closes to their dial-in

  • We would like to see all bikes to have number plates and dial-in boards

  • Bikes will be put on a ladder starting 3rd round

  • Jr Dragsters racers that are 6 or 7 years old cannot dial faster than 13.90. We will put a X next to your number indicating to the tower that you cannot dial faster than 13.90

  • Jr Dragster Division 1 will be on an auto tree with a 15 second time out.

  • Sunday will be dash only time trial

  • Tech – We will have a special decal made that indicates that all your safety equipment is good for the season, helmet, belts, clothing etc. This will allow you not to take your vehicle to tech each race. However, you are still required to fill out a tech card each race and be subject to a spot tech.


Other News

  • NHRA Chassis Certification - May 28th – Appointments required

  • Wally Day – June 26th

  • Tennessee State Championships – July 24th

  • Jr Street will still be run during Test/Tune

  • We encourage you to fill out your membership form online. DER Points Registration Form

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