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Drivers Meeting Recap

  • New for 2024 - If you have a perfect light ot run dead-on with a zero DER will buy you back

  • Win more $$ - Come in the tower before your class 1st rd, pay $20 . If your the last racer to go out or win your class you will receive 100% of what has been collected for your class.

  • Prices for 2024: Test /Tune $25, Pro-$60, Super Pro-$70, Motorcycles-$40, Jr Street-$20, Sportsman-$40, Trophy$20, Jr Dragsters $25

  • You are NOT allowed to stay on property on Thursday night

  • You may park early on Thursday but remember the gates get locked at 7p

  • The overnight security that  you might see roaming is BMS Security not DER

  • Jr Street will run on Saturday and Sundays

  • DER will let you know when you can leave trailers on property between races and where they need to be parked

  • All campers on the Spectator side MUST unplug during the week. If not you may be subject to a $100 fine from BMS

  • Once again we ask that you fill out your tech cards, points membership forms 100%

    • You are allowed to do a label for your tech cards that has your information on it​

  • We will continue the 1 time trial on Saturday and only 1 for new entries on Sunday

  • We will  work on prepping the track better on Fridays

  • Run order will be : Pro, Super Pro, Motorcycles, Jr Street, Sportsman, Trophy and Jr Dragsters

  • Motorcycles - The rider must be with the bike when lined up for your 1st and 2nd rd.

  • As always if you have any questions let us know

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