Notes from Drivers Meeting 

  • DER Management is not sure at this point if we will be able to host a Banquet for our Champions at the end of the 2020 season. It will depend on: if we get any additional weekends and car counts throughout the year. 

  • We discussed combining Jr Div 1 & Div 2. If we do, we will run them separate until Div 1 has a winner who at that time will fall into Div 2 to compete for winner and money. A trophy will still be awarded to the Div 1 winner. 

  • We will continue to have 2-time trials on Saturday and one on Sunday, depending on weather. 

  • If you are going to test on race day the cost will be $50. 

  • Testing after you lose on race day – you will need to come into tower to purchase a TT ticket at a cost of $10 with a max of 2 passes. 

  • Bracket Finals will be at Rockingham the 2nd weekend in October. 

  • Chassis Certs will be available May 23rd – appointment required. 

  • “Wally” Day will be May 24th 

  • On opening day – May 1st we will open gates/tech earlier to help eliminate a long tech line.  

  • We are looking into ETI tech to help with the tech line during the season 

  • Tie breakers in points 1) Most Wins; 2) Most RU; 3) Most Semis; 4) Most 1st rd wins 

  • In case of rain during a round of class eliminations – Points are awarded to everyone prior to the rain that round. We will split the purse amongst those that are still in the race. If you lost before the rain came you will receive any money earned to that point. If you did not go down the track, we will split the purse amongst those remaining. 

  • We ask that you try your best to come when your class is called during time trials to keep the program moving. 

  • On Friday Test/Tune you will be called by class. This should give everyone an equal chance of getting time trials. 

  • Reminder, those that have reserved parking, if we gain at least 2 weekends we ill invoice you $40 for those weekends. 

  •  Final pairing is done at the YELLOW line, NOT back in the lanes.

  • DER Members Only - Mahle Pistons will awards a set of their pistons with rings this season, We will put those that make the final round in Super Pro, Pro and Sportsman names in a hat and draw the winner at the conclusion of the season. Make it to the final round more than once  then your name goes in again.  But you have to be a DER Member....

DER Bracket Racing - Thunder Valley - Bristol TN